Wedding Photographer in Portland Oregon

Intentional & Eco-conscious wedding photographer

Portland, Oregon

    Hi there!

Your intentional life is one filled with genuine relationships. It started with your relationship with yourself and discovering what makes you happy. Thanks to this, your relationships with others thrive.

    You take pride in your accomplishments but more importantly in the lessons learned from setbacks. 

    Your wedding is a celebration of the relationships and experiences gathered along the way. Your photographs will be beautiful regardless of any trend because they'll include tender moments, details and friends that are meaningful to you. 

     Since you're building your marriage on Love, Trust & Truth, your wedding day will be nothing less but a true-to-yourselves event. So while you're planning your wedding, slow down, remind yourself of what do you value and enjoy the process.

    Marriage just like anything else worth having requires good honest work. So while you're nurturing it and growing your family collect more memories through family portraits.

    I find joy in simple things like time with my family (plants included!), keeping Lily (my sourdough starter) alive and consider myself an avid thrifter. I'm currently based in Portland, Oregon and often travel to Utah, Antigua Guatemala and Tahiti. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your wedding.