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Love is worth fighting for and I hope to help you remember that. As I have experienced a divorce and found love again, my belief in LOVE has never been stronger. It is the driving force behind everything I do.

    ~Life is too short to not love and be loved~

So whether it be right when I deliver them or on your 40th wedding anniversary, your photographs will remind you that it all started because two people fell in love.

 Thank you for considering me as your photographer! 

Greatest fear

Taking people and things for granted

Corniest joke

What do you call a Bear without teeth?

Answer here

Favorite flavor combo

Lime + Watermelon

Rosemary anything


Favorite thrifted find

Favorite thrifted find

MCM dresser for $40!

Baking fail

Chocolate chip cookies. No matter how many tries/tweaks... if you have a fail proof recipe, help a girl out!