Black friday deals for Wedding Photographers

It's no secret and not something to be ashamed of: we all love a good deal!

As a small business owner, this is when I can prepare for the upcoming year and make improvements.

So I'm sharing THREE of my favorite Black friday deals. Yes I'm getting a little kickback (so thank you for using those links if you decide to get them <3) but I wouldn't be sharing if I didn't use them myself.


Who is this for: Photographers and any wedding vendors (Florists, wedding planners, Dj's, Bakers, Hair and makeup artists etc...)

What it does: (From Kyle himself)

The 10-chapter program, "Book More Weddings," is my A-Z system that I have built, tested, and gotten results from year-after-year. Each chapter within the course goes over key areas of building in the order of what it should be done. And the entire course is released all at once, so you can take it at your own speed. And you get lifetime* access to it and all the future updates.

This course is right for you if: - You want more quality, qualified leads AND bookings in your wedding business - You want more motivation and to improve your mindset - You want to increase your profits ... while working fewer hours - You want an online program with lifetime access - You are ready to listen & apply everything in the course - You are serious about taking action and taking control of your business. - You want more freedom.

My personal experience:

I've never been a fan of programs/workshops that whose main message is "Believe in yourself then unicorns will do all the work + bring you everlasting success".

I love this one because it's a clear step by step program. You become part of a group that is sharing real accomplishments. Won't lie, it is a LOT of work. I have only been in the program for a month (and still working on it) but I've already seen SEO results! This means a lot considering I've just relocated and completely changed all of my key words, alt text etc... (SEO terms by the way that Kyle clearly/but succinctly explains). So he goes straight into what is actually relevant when it comes to SEO optimization.

The group includes wedding planners, hair and makeup artists etc... Which is what I like, that this is a proven program for any wedding professionals.

Black Friday deal:

Normal price $177 x 6 months or $997

BMWBF30: 30% OFF (Only 10 Available)

BMWBF20: 20% OFF

Be sure to use this link please :) .

Deadline: 11/26/18 @ 11:59 PST


Who is this for: Photographers and any wedding vendors (Florists, wedding planners, Dj's, Bakers, Hair and makeup artists etc...)

What it does:

Keeps all of your email communication, book keeping, contracts, payments, calendar and much more in one place.

It's also very easy to use. You can pretty much automate everything. It's simply awesome and has been a life/sanity saver.

My personal experience:

I love how simple the platform is. I can save email templates and automate at what stage during the planning stage they're sent out (including questionnaire, contracts, timelines, etc...) . They can sign their contract electronically and make payments online. It saves them, me and the trees a whole lot of time!

I do track of my expenses, income, leads etc... on it as well. Again, all in one single place. I personally don't enjoy monthly fees so I got the lifetime plan.


Receive 50% off your yearly or lifetime plan by clicking here. You can even start with a free trial and see for yourself.

Deadline: None


Who is this for: Film photographers

Shooting film is not free and is a major part of my CDB but I wouldn't do it any other way. Buying in bulk is the way to go when it comes to saving on film. Plus, in the long run, you'll be saving by not having to pay rush shipping fees when you're constantly running out.

This is hands down the best deal this right now for Fuji 400h. I've seen a propack go from anywhere from $33-$45. So with this deal you'd be paying $30.50/pack. If 100 rolls is more than you'll ever need (very unlikely) ask a fellow film friend if they want to split it!


$30.50/propack instead of $33

Stock up on film here.

Deadline: 11/24/18

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