Digital clutter

By January 1st of 2020, I had yet to make realistic goals ! 2019 was spent focusing on our children and growing a baby. So while they are/were both worthwhile and important, by December I was exhausted and spent most of it enjoying our newborn and the holidays.

By mid January... the dreaded "out of storage space" message pops up on my phone (granted it has been a couple of years since the last one haha). It became problematic when it impeded the phone's performance for even the most basic tasks. So... it was time to make some changes.

1. Remove unnecessary apps:

I am a simple person. So I started with something extremely simple: remove unproductive or unfulfilling apps! How easy it is to not get sucked into social media abyss when you don't have access to it in the first place! Whether you've been spending too much time or money (I mean I get it, Amazon was a life saver for the holidays and it's hard to say no to a good bargain - hello Ebay), chances are, the quick and easy fix is taking them off your phone!

I'm not a huge gamer nor like to have a million apps yet that small step was freeing! However for me, the biggest space taker was my photo app (surprise surprise).

2. Back up photos:

Between pictures and videos of kids, content for social media or screenshots (you know, recipes, memes, tips on raising kids, etc...) I had about 8000 on my phone! No wonder it was out of storage.

There were too many to airdrop them to my computer so I transferred them via the usb cable. Perhaps that was a quicker way, but I had to import them then export them onto their final destination i.e an external hard drive.

Sounded simple except that also meant having enough storage on my computer for all that. Which was NOT the case. So I also did some much needed decluttering there. I know. It was pretty cringe worthy (one of the reasons my husband refuses to use my laptop haha)!

Turns out a lot of it was taken up by attachments in imessenger. Another quick and easy fix!

So back to pictures it goes without saying that they are very important to me. So backing them up on two external hard drives is a must! I learned the hard way and losing access to pictures is no fun, even the phone ones. In addition and along with decluttering your home, having an online back up (icloud, google drive etc...) is a great idea! You can never be too safe. I can't tell you how many of my (back in the CD and USB key) clients have come back years after our session together asking for a copy of their images because theirs was lost in a move etc...

Here's to a simpler and uncluttered year!