Leather and Wood workshop

It's been quite an interesting and unexpected journey over the past few years for me. As a little girl I've always loved making "stuff" and exploring in the yard. We had a pile of "rocks" that I would spend hours sorting through to find "precious gems" and had a long phase of covering everything with Salt Dough!

Even in college, between exams and hours in the Biochem lab, I would make my own paper in my dorm room.

However life happened and did lose myself. Photography was still a way to create something from "scratch".

It wasn't however two years ago that I reconnected to more hands on art. Till then I was all about making myself if I could to save a buck or two! But after searching for handwoven and ethically made fabrics, a shift occurred. It became about knowing where and how items were made and cherishing them for that!

It's heartbreaking yet undeniable the sheer amount of items that end up in landfills and/or our oceans.

It's been so interesting to see this rise and movement towards handmade goods. Overall bringing us back to a slower way of life. A simpler way of life. Dare I say, at least for us, a happier way. Whatever you want to call this way of life, sure it has been greatly influenced by others but as with everything in life. Hipster? Minimalist? Homesteader? Zero to No waste living? So many new "categories" that people have coined terms for.

For me? For us? It's a mix n match of choices that help us achieve the way of life (which by the way is constantly being redefined) we want as a family.

So it's been a wonderful opportunity to mingle and learn from Make and Master at their woodworking workshop with Chad from The Furniture Joint and their leather class with Stock and Barrel. They provided all of the material to complete a project in class and keep the tools for future projects but the best part definitely was being able to have those master artisans provide guidance and feedback. It is so exciting to have so many interested in slowing down. Finding value in long lasting items. I'm looking forward to finding a similar community here in Portland, Oregon.

Planning and Host: Make and Master

Venue: Church and State

Food and Beverages: Biscuit Baby and beverages by Vive Juicery