Unique Bridesmaids Gift Ideas | Personalized Jewelry Box

A wedding is often a one day (possibly a week) event. Yet, it is a culmination of years of friendships, learning and sharing. Whether you're planning a grand celebration or an intimate gathering, when it comes to choosing your bridesmaids, your decision should be based on: who has been there for you through the years. The good ones and the hard ones. How wonderful to know that in addition to marrying your best friend, you get to do it surrounded by your life long friends.

Once you've selected your bridesmaids, there are many ways for you to thank them and I hope that you do it in the most meaningful way.

Whatever you pick, your gift to them should be a sincere gratitude for their time, effort, and money they have put into preparing and attending your wedding.

I for one am all about personalized gifts. Ones that will speak to their personalities and that they will cherish over the years. Here's a wonderful resource with so many ideas for Bridesmaids gifts.

One of my favorites is this beautiful jewelry glass box.

Not only is it beautifully crafted you can literally customize it!

The glass box is a beautiful way to dress up a bedside table as well as to keep track of small, valuable possessions. Everything from jewelry to mementos from the wedding.

I simply love how functional and beautiful this is!

If you are planning a destination wedding and need gifts that are a little more compact and easy to pack in a suitcase, here are many other great ideas. The possibilities are endless.

Be sure to keep in mind that just like most meaningful gifts, timely preparation is important to make sure that customized items arrive on time!

Happy picking!

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