In addition to getting pictures for your invitations, save the dates and reception, you get to document an exciting part of your relationship: The Blissful and Enamored stage before that big next step!


Besides, chances are those will be the first “real” pictures that you’ll have together other than phone selfies before the ones in your wedding attire. It will be just the three of us in a very relaxed and fun setting. Double the fun by planning a date night afterwards. 

Engagement sessions

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When you exchange vows and rings, you are bringing your individualities and promising to bring out the best in and for each other. Choosing to be bride is acknowledging and congratulating the person that you’ve worked so hard to become.  You recognize that perfection is not a set destination and you are proud of what you have accomplished. You’ve done all that you could on your own and can’t wait for an even more fulfilling life with your spouse. For that reason, I believe that a bridal boudoir session celebrates the beautiful transition between what you are and who you are about to become. Although it is an amazing present and lovely surprise for your future husband, a bridal boudoir session is a gift to yourself. 

Bridal boudoir

Portland and vancouver wedding photograp

Seeing my couples grow their families is one of my favorite things as a photographer!

The idea of keeping little ones dressed/clean and cooperative can be daunting...dreadful even! Believe me, I get it! However hard it is to admit, it's undeniable that your  little ones don't stay little for long. So being able to document and remember those small yet significant milestones make those images priceless. 

In addition to physical features, their personality is ever changing. He just lost his very first tooth, she carries Mr. Carrots everywhere, etc...  Growth is such a beautiful thing to witness so have frequent family sessions to bottle it up.


If you're hesitant about if/how kids will behave, do not fear, with some preparation and my experience with little ones, our session together will be fun.  

Family sessions

Portland and vancouver wedding photograp